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Slush & Krust Productions


Slush & Krust is...

Plain and simple, we throw parties for the neurodiverse. As a social skills teacher, I am often faced with the challenge of not having an environment for my clients/students to practice learned strategies on a regular basis and more importantly, in real life settings. This is where Slush & Krust comes in: we plan to throw a series of combo theme parties (party and video game tournament) throughout the year to provide our party-goers the opportunity to interact with their neurodiverse peers and to just have an awesome time in the process!

Why Slush & Krust? 

In my early years as a special education teacher, I was given the task of managing a startup classroom business by the name of Pop N Shakes -- we sold popcorn and shakes. It was great! The students were responsible for almost all aspects of the business; choosing what to sell, setting up and cleaning up, tracking sales and profits, and most importantly – voting on every transaction and decision. First up on the agenda? Vetoing my original idea of naming the business. The name that was shot down? Yep, Slush and Crust. What better name for a company that would sell slushies and pizza, right? Apparently, I was wrong. Anyway, this re-branding of sorts (I changed ‘crust’ to ‘krust’) serves as a reminder to those wonderful memories of my first classroom business  and also gives Slush & Krust a well-deserved second chance…

B. Keith Lester

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